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The Conservation Outdoor Recreation Program (CORE) is required for B.C. residents, 14 years or over, who wish to obtain a B.C. resident hunter number card, and a first B.C. resident hunting license. It is offered through a partenrship agreement with the Ministry of Environment and the BCWF. Please contact us for contact information for a certified CORE instructor or examiner. ​


  1. Take the CORE course in person with a certified CORE examiner or self study through the BCWF Online CORE course or the CORE manual.
  2. Take and pass the CORE exams with a certifies examiner.
  3. Submit your test results to the BCWF to receive your CORE graduation certificate; Mail or deliver to the B.C. Wildlife Federation Office.
  4. Use your CORE certificate to apply for your FWID in person from Service BC or FrontCounter BC, or at BC Hunting Online
  5. Buy a hunting licences.

To possess or purchase firearms. you need to take the Canadian Firearms Safetly Courseand apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence PAL though the Canadian Firearms Program/RCMP.



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