This starter package is meant to demonstrate the basics of archery and foster a love for the sport. Our introductory archery lessons are designed to give you a basic understanding of archery, including proper form/technique, aiming and release.

This package includes 3 lessons:

  • A 45 minute introductory lesson
  • PLUS 2 x 30 minute follow-up lessons, which will be scheduled at a later date based on the individual’s progress

PRICE: $100.00





These lessons are taught by professional shooters and are designed to help you improve your skills with either a Target bow, Compound bow or Recurve bow.

  • Single Lesson (1 Hour Lesson): $75.00
  • 3 Pass (3 x 40 Minute Lessons): $170.00
  • 5 Pass (5 x 45 Minute Lessons): $275.00

PRICE: $75.00 - $275.00 




➣ Students must be 14 years and older. Younger students must be accompanied by a parent or legal gaurdian.

➣ Students must have their own Compound or Recurve bow.

➣ The Genesis bow is available upon request.


Chuck Land || Level 4.5 Master Coach

Dan Henninger || APA Pro Archer (3D/Tournament)

Kevin Toye || Focus Hunting: Bow Hunting Specialist

Barry Marciski || NASP/Traditional Archery

Ken Deadmarsh || NASP/Level 2 Coach/Hunting