Easton 5MM FMJ Arrows with Blazer Vanes

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Field points are not included - must order separately and are $1 each.  

More penetration, add kinetic punch for thick hide & bone with a full metal jacket.

The classic 5mm Full Metal Jacket takes a carbon core and wraps it in a layer of aluminum. Giving you extra penetration, durability and kinetic energy. Unique to Easton, the Full Metal Jacket series of arrows changed bow hunting forever and continue to dominate in the field. 

These arrows come pre-fletched with Bohning Blazer vanes.


  • Pre-installed X Nocks
  • X HIT 8-32 inserts included
  • High-strength carbon core with 7075 metal jacket
  • Easy target pull
  • Straightness +/- .002”

Sold in 6 or 12 arrows

If you need your arrows cut, please indicate in special instructions upon check out. 

*Customize length by measuring the bottom of the groove in the nock to cut line in inches* See picture.