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For all EXO-Traditional Excalibur crossbows with MagTips. The Excel Crossbow String is machine made to achieve high arrow velocities with maximum reliability. This string comes standard with all of our models. For older Excalibur Exo series crossbows, not to be used for the Matrix, Micro or Bulldog series crossbows.

NOTE: This string will fit all older Exo series crossbow models with magtip limbs such as:  Equinox, Exomax, Phoenix, Vortex, Axiom SMF, Ibex SMF, Vixen, Exocet and Eclipse

IMPORTANT:  Strings are made purposely short and will stretch with use.  If the brace height is higher than normal its perfectly OK to use and will not harm your crossbow.  Too low a brace height is more harmful to your crossbow than a higher brace height.  Length of the string can vary from 35″ – 35.5″.

Available in multiple colours

Standard Gold/Silver         1994
Agent Orange                    1994AO
Stingray Blue                     1994SB
Zombie Green                   1994ZG
Poison Pink                       1994PP
Blood Red                         1994BR
Hornet Yellow                    1994HY