NEW Excalibur REVX

NEW Excalibur REVX

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• Revolutionary ChargerX Integrated Crank: Revolutionizing convenience and safety in the field. Cocking or de-cocking a crossbow has never been simpler!

• Capable of shooting up to 400 FPS

• Sleek Stock designed for lightweight, comfort, and optimal balance.

• High-quality Trigger with a smooth break, ensuring precise and consistent accuracy like never before.

• Excalibur’s renowned design and technology create the most durable and dependable crossbow in its category.

• Fully suppressed bow, offering extreme stealth for any hunting scenario.

• Bow package includes integrated crank, Overwatch illuminated scope, 30 mm scope rings, R.E.D.S suppressor, Suppression kit, Rebolt quiver, 4 crossbow proflight arrows, and 4 100 gr field points.

Suppressor Xtreme Strata with Tact-100 illuminated scope & Charger EXT crank

Weight: 7 lbs. (bare bow)

Overall Bow Length: 33"