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PSE Stinger X Pro Kit

PSE Stinger X Pro Kit

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The PSE Stinger™ X bow is still the most accessible and affordable bow on the market! Featuring high-performance X-Tech™ split limbs and the highly-adjustable SX cam, shooting the Stinger™ X means having a bow that’s lighter, faster, and that delivers a smooth shot and legendary reliability at an unforgettable price.

Includes: 5 Pin Sight, PSE Fallaway Rest, Stabilizer, Quiver, Peep Sight, D-Loop, Buckle Release, 4 Arrows and PSE Bow Case.

NOTE: This bow is only available in Black Scull Works Camo in Canada 

Speed: 316-308 fps
Brace Height: 7 1/8″
Axle to Axle: 32.5″
Letoff: 75%
Draw length: 29″
Draw weight (lbs): 40-70
Draw Length Range: 21-30″
Mass Weight (lbs): 3.5
Max. Limb Bolt Turns: 12