Southwest Archery Tigershark Recurve  Bow 62

Southwest Archery Tigershark Recurve Bow 62"

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The Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow was created to combine the popularity of the Spyder bow with the unique look of the Tiger series. With an overall length of 62” the Tigershark offers an incredibly unique look without compromising any aspects of its performance. The riser is made of dymond wood, tiger wood, white oak, and padouk. It comes fully equipped with threaded bushings for various attachments such as sight, rest/plunger, and stabilizer/bowfishing reel. The limbs are made of hard maple wood wrapped in fiberglass and offer reinforced limb tips making them Fast Flight/Flemish string compatible.

Note: Select handedness (right or left) and draw weight (29lbs or 40 lbs) in the pull down tab