Excalibur Twinstrike Tac2 Crossbow

Excalibur Twin Strike Tac2

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The Excalibur Twin Strike Tac2 Crossbow combines LIGHTWEIGHT, PERFECT BALANCE, and TACTICAL MANEUVERABILITY. It delivers a powerful double shot, ideal for situations demanding efficiency in confined spaces or quick movement.

DualFire™ Technology, featuring dual triggers, precisely launches two shots from a single crossbow, ensuring tight groupings to extend the shooter’s effective range. Equipped with dual match-grade 4lb. frictionless triggers, the front trigger activates the top rail while the back trigger engages the bottom rail. CeaseFire™ technology guarantees the crossbow remains inactive unless an arrow is loaded.

The crossbow includes the Charger EXT™, a silent and user-friendly mechanical crank that securely cocks and decocks the TwinStrike without firing an arrow. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty for added assurance.

  • DualFire™ Technology features dual triggers, engineered to accurately fire two shots from a single crossbow with tight groupings to maximize a shooter’s effective range.
  • Dual match-grade 4lb. frictionless triggers. The front trigger fires the top rail, the back trigger fires the bottom rail.
  • CeaseFire™ technology ensures the crossbow will not fire unless an arrow is loaded.
  • Includes the Charger EXT™, an easy and silent mechanical crank with the ability to securely and safely cock and decock the TwinStrike without shooting an arrow.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.